Get Involved

FortuneBuilders is dedicated to philanthropy and in our capacity to help those in need, we feel it’s equally important to inspire and lead others to give back as well. Here we promote opportunities to work with us, help support our efforts and to learn about how you too can do good in your community. Below you can find a e-book with instructions on how to run your own charitable event.

Event Planning Guide

Download the Free Community Outreach Event Planning Guide e-book! Our mission is to give back and to inspire and we hope you will get involved with our efforts or be inspired to give back in your community. To help support your efforts we have put together a free downloadable e-book. The event planning guide will help you plan the event, research, build your team, select partners, and plan the timeline and budget. We have put together helpful tips about promoting and executing the event as well as providing a list of tools and resources to make it the most impactful event for your community. Download it now and make a difference!

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