One of FortuneBuilders’ core beliefs is education. We are passionate about providing people with the knowledge and resources to succeed in life and inspiring others to explore their own altruistic endeavors through education. We believe that real change begins with education and the best way to implement this change is to start with the generations that will be leaders tomorrow. It is for this reason FortuneBuilders Gives is excited to announce the “Future FortuneBuilders” project.

FFB’s mission is to teach financial literacy to children so they can be prepared for a better future. Our goal with FFB is to help our society break from the vicious cycle caused by lack of financial literacy and to provide teens with the financial knowledge and resources necessary to succeed.

Donations accepted via Paypal through our non-profit partner Equal Footing Foundation

Together with the Equal Footing Foundation, FortuneBuilders Gives is creating a curriculum and financial literacy bootcamp for teens to get an early start on the fundamentals of personal finances and understanding the financial concepts that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, finance related education for our youth is nearly non-existent. Even basic concepts such as bank fees, credit card interest, and taxes are not fully understood by young adults leaving for college or entering the job market.

For more information and statistics related to financial literacy visit the Financial Educators Council