Future FortuneBuilders Africa Trip

Future FortuneBuilders Africa Trip

In July 0f 2019, Future FortuneBuilders ventured over to Ghana, Africa for our second international trip. We spent two weeks teaching teens the value of money, and that no matter their current physical or financial situation they can be the creators of their own future. After touching down in Accra, we then began our journey to Cape Coast where we spent the next three days. During our stay we were given the opportunity to speak at The Academy of Christ the King private school. We provided a two day camp for over eighty attendees. During this camp we really noticed the difference between the American teens we usually teach and the Ghanaian teens. These teens crave knowledge, they want to have as much information as they can possibly absorb. After wrapping up with the students at Christ the King, we were honored to meet the Headmistress who thanked us for enlightening the teens and giving them hope, she welcomed us back any time. We packed up and headed back to Accra for our next leg of the trip.

Once we settled ourselves in Ghana’s capital Accra we were able to get acclimated to the food and weather before heading to our next location. A quick trip to Koforidua was our next destination to give a speech at the Mamfe Methodist Girls’ High School. JP Servideo opened their school year by inspiring these young women to live their best lives and aim for the stars. There were a little over one-thousand girls in attendance. This school was especially interesting because the previous semester a group of their students had won the 2019 World Robofest held in Michigan in the US! We had the privilege of meeting the Headmistress who happens to be the President of the Ghanaian Girls Boarding School Association, they have about forty schools in Ghana apart of this association. The Headmistress was so pleased with our speech she welcomed us back to open the next year as well! After our quick yet very successful trip to Koforidua we made our way back to Accra.

We then held a two day camp at Arena of Glory Church where we worked with over forty teens apart of that church community. This camp was special because there were around five teens who weren’t in school and about three who did not know how to read. These challenges and road bumps made our Accra camp one to never forget. We were able to instil a foundation for these young people to grow on and gave them the tools to succeed in their lives. We saw many of them throughout the two days not only build faith in themselves, but encourage each other to grow as well. After the camp, we were welcomed by the pastor to take part in their Sunday Service and speak to the parents and adults in their community. JP gave an amazing speech where he explained to them that even though we have helped lay the foundation for success, there is much more work to do. He explained that they need to rely on and help each other, and build each other up to flourish in their community. On that Sunday we spoke to over fifty adults, children, and religious leaders.

Future FortuneBuilders is able to do these amazing international camps from the donations and purchases from the FB Gives store and FortuneBuilders Community. Stay tuned for our next trip to Jamaica in November of 2019!


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