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Future FortuneBuilders Launches 2-Day Camp In Atlanta
By FortuneBuilders on Jan 18, 2016

First the first time ever, Future FortuneBuilders (FFB) hosted an event open to the public, and received huge acclaim. FortuneBuilders Gives, FortuneBuilders’ philanthropic branch, partnered with the Equal Footing Foundation to increase awareness about the importance of financial literacy among teens across the US. While many students were the children of parents who are apart of the FortuneBuilders Mastery program, 22 were hand selected from schools in the area to receive full scholarships for the event.

55 students arrived at the Embassy Suites in Atlanta, GA last weekend excited to learn about how to set themselves up for future success. While the students were shy at first, it did not take long before they were actively participating and eagerly engaging with one another. JP Servideo, host of the event, welcomed the students upon arrival with music, crush it claps, and a loud screaming session to ensure that everyone was feeling energetic and ready to absorb some crucial information. JP’s passion was clearly contagious because by the end of the first break, the students were wide-eyed and wanting more.

Over the course of 2 days, JP taught these teens invaluable life lessons including the importance of establishing and accomplishing goals, the best practices for money management, and how to start building credit at a young age. Servideo was inspiring and informative but kept it honest in order to create a trusting bond between himself and his students. The kids were also given the opportunity to work on scholarship essays, term papers, and university applications during their breaks with help from Servideo and other volunteers.

By the end of the event, it was obvious all of the students had developed a much greater appreciation for finance management and were planning to apply what they learned as they continue on through college and beyond. Students even shared their individual dreams of someday going to prestigious universities, owning their own businesses, and creating innovative advances in their respective fields.

FortuneBuilders Gives plans to proceed with public FFB events in the future in an effort to ultimately end the financial illiteracy that is taking over the vast majority of youths in America. If we can inspire teens to place more importance on understanding basic financial concepts today, there is sure to be a higher success rate for future generations tomorrow.

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