Future FortuneBuilders Teen Development Camp - Next Generation Entrepreneurs


What is the Future FortuneBuilders - Teen Development Camp - Next Generation Entrepreneurs?

At FortuneBuilders, nothing ignites our passion quite like preparing talented, ambitious young adults for a brighter, more promising future. That’s why we created Future FortuneBuilders. This groundbreaking, fun and exciting, 2-day camp teaches teens the basic fundamentals of financial literacy, providing them with invaluable knowledge and insights about the financial tools and resources they need to succeed.

Upcoming 2-Day Events

San Diego, CA
Dates:November 2-3

Las Vegas, NV
Dates:December 13-15

What are the topics covered at the Future FortuneBuilders Teen Development Camp?

  • Setting goals and why they are important
  • Making educated financial decisions
  • Habits and mindset that separates financial classes
  • Developing an investor mindset
  • Understand the power of your Credit
  • Working smarter not harder (time management)
  • How one person can make a difference


John 'J.P.' Servideo has been "Crushing It" with the FortuneBuilders team since 2010. He was taught the instructional method of inspirational speaking by Than Merrill, Paul and JD Esajian, as well as former Olympians and professional athletes. He considers himself to be a forever student as he is constantly learning. J.P. currently works alongside the leading youth speakers in the country. Together, they develop models to present their shared main focuses to High School aged students: how to select and retain qualified role models, how to develop successful personal development habits, and how to handle the “dips” and hurdles in your life. J.P. has a passion for giving back. He volunteers his time teaching High School seniors the importance of financial credit and how it can affect the outcome of their financial and personal success. You might have seen J.P. alongside JD Esajian on FBtv episodes or on a FortuneBuildersU training.

Check out what this high school teacher has to say about J.P.'s trainings...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age requirement for the 2 Day Camp?

13-17 years old

How many teens will be accepted for the Future FortuneBuilders – Teen Development Camp?

Our upcoming Future FortuneBuilders – Teen Development Camp will be limited to 100 attendees.

What is the cost for the Future FortuneBuilders – Teen Camp?

The tuition to the FFB Teen Camp is waived for your teen. The travel & meal expenses will need to be covered by the parent/guardian or sponsor except for lunch which will be included during the camp days (Sat - Sun).

Where will I stay?

The Mastery sponsor is responsible for the teen's overnight accommodations.

How many days is the Future FortuneBuilders – Teen Camp?

The camp will be 2 days, Saturday - Sunday

What is a sponsor and does each teen need a sponsor?

Each teen will need to be sponsored by a Mastery student that is registered to attend the Bootcamp that is running in conjunction with the Teen Camp. This Mastery student is responsible for this teen while they are at the Future FortuneBuilders – Teen Camp. Mastery students can sponsor more than one teen.