Unity 4 Orphans Service Trip

Unity 4 Orphans Service Trip

Six FortuneBuilders volunteers ventured on a service trip to Tijuana, Mexico on June 23rd, 2019. We partnered with the non-profit organization Unity for Orphans to head over to the Ray of Light Orphanage where we spent four hours with the thirty-eight children living there.

While we were at the orphanage we played soccer, hand-ball, colored, ate lunch with them and showed them the love and attention they so desperately need. The children ranged from ages 1-16 years old with a multitude of reasons for being there. Reasons include; their mothers are addicted to drugs and couldn’t handle them, unwanted pregnancies and insufficient access to women’s healthcare, children being sent to them from the government, etc. The government in Mexico has really cracked down on rules and regulations for orphanages but do not provide financial assistance to support these new laws. This leaves many orphanages in distraught and even some being forced to shut down.

Unity 4 Orphans strives to help with the increasing issue of over populated and under funded orphanages. They take two trips down to Mexico a month visiting various orphanages. Not only do they go and spend much needed time with them, they also bring toys, groceries and other basic necessities. They also find out what the orphanages need and collect donations for those needs; the orphanage we visited had just gotten a water filtration system donated to them so they could have clean drinking water.

These trips are imperative to the success of the orphanages and to ultimately better the lives of the children living in them. FortuneBuilders Gives was not only touched, but honored to be a part of the efforts put forth by Unity 4 Orphans!


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